1. I ordered a laptop and the associate, Joel, told me he would have it shipped to the store in 3-4 days ... then during the order he told us it was actually more like a week.

2. I waited a week ... no phone call about the order

3. Called ... they had never sent the order ... was promised that the merchandise would be hand carried and I would be called back

4. No one called - 2 days later I called again ... was promised same as in 3 ... no calls

5. Called the next day ... they told me they couldn't get it at Towson anymore so they would have it shipped by next Wednesday ... this conversation involved employees named Ashley, a supervisor named Kate, and the General Manager Xavier.

6. I asked for compensionation ... they offered me a 20 dollar gift card

7. I have since spoken to 3 different people at the call center and been lectured and insulted ... and also hung up on repeatedly by Maria and 2 other unnamed employees there ... they have done things like have me on the phone with the GM and customer relations ... all of which have ended with "there's nothing we can do except get it to you by next week and give you a $25 gift card."

8. In the midst of this ... I have been hung up on by the general manager 3 times who then proceeded to lie about hanging up on me ... claimed her phone went dead and that she was "waiting for me to call back" ... well that's definitely a lie since I did call back, spoke to an associate, asked for the general manager and was then promptly disconnected ... I then called back 2 more times and was redirected to the fax number ... that's right the fax number!

9. As I write this I am trying to complain to the supervisor at customer relations about the employee Maria and the other 2 employees.

So, I am still stuck having paid them almost $500 for mechandise I still don't have and have no expectation of receiving and I am still being told they can't do anything except what they are already planning to do.

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