It must be difficult being a Roman Catholic today. In Los Angeles, all those involved in a law suit against the Roman Catholic Church for condoning, or at least not taking what is now considered by the the General Public and Law Enforcement Officials, and more importantly, Personal Injury Attorneys, who to the best of my knowledge did not waive their commissions to represent the Plaintiffs in these cases,(known as pro bonon) the appropriate action to stop the Illegal and Immoral Actions of Members of the Roman Catholic Priests, against evidently, Monors, even those such Minors may have consented to such favors and acts. I am not aware of Law Suites filed against the Church for Acts involving Adults, either voluntary or involuntary.

I am not aware of the Specifics of any individual or group Case, so I am not qualified to determines or evaluate each,any,or total, offenses.

Did a Priest touch the genitals of a Boy. A Girl? Did the Minor, Boy or Girl, touch the genitals of the Priest.

Did the Priest Kiss the Child?

What were the Ages of those involved?

Did the Priest perform the acts upon the Children, or did the Children perform the Acts upon the Priest.

Where such acts voluntary or forced? What was the method of Force?

Did the Children solicit the Priests or did the Priests solicit the Children?

Not knowing the Specifics of each Case, I have not idea as to how to Judge each Case.

Were any of these Children ***?

Were any of these Priests ***?

If we are to believe that Homosexuality is just another Life Style, are the Acts of the Priests or Children only considered Wrong because of the Age of the Children?

Do we think such Acts are repulsive because Children were involved or just because we think such acts are repulsive?

Do Heterosexual Adults commit the same Acts as Homosexuals?

If Anal Sex off-limits only to Homosexuals and okay for Heteroxexuals or vice versa?

Is Oral Sex okay for Heterosexuals but not homsexuals or vice versa?

Do Trail Attorneys, and Plaintiffs, seek financial rewards because there is an opportunity?

If I had participated in any of the Lawsuits filed against the Church, I would have participated with the same energy and ruthlessness as the Plaintiffs Attorneys, and I would have spared no one.

Everything, and Everyone, would have been on Trial.

It would have been another Scopes Trial.

The Love Of Money, is the Root Of All Evil.

Within the Church, and Outside of the Church.

Real Christians, would have resolved these Problems without involving Money.

Someone once said: Follow the Money.

No Doubt.

This Scandal, and Problem, is really just Symbolic of Our Society.

Its called Greed.

Think about it, and study the subject.

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