Seneca Falls, New York

The current "rat" commercial is disgusting and scary to children and adults alike! Should be removed from airways.

The rats are big and ugly and are portrayed in a barbaric manner. This would in no way help depict the way the product would erradicate them What would the point be to have such an ugly illustration on the TV for people to have in their mind to get this product. I would not buy this product even if I needed it. It would be cheeper to have a cat.

The person who thought of this was not thinking of the effect it would have on the people watching the commercial. Barbara Campbell, Geneva, NY

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How do you expect a pest control company to prtray rats? As cute cuddly little creatures? Get real, the message they are trying to get across is that rats are, in fact dirty, digusting pests and that they can eradicate them from your home.


Strange how people can be offended and cower before any adversity or even an image on the telly of a (should I even say it?) RAT!! I can't figure out how some people even get thru the day, what with all of life's adversities.

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