Shipped a very heavy duty rod tube(made of sched. 40 pvc with both glued & screw on end caps) from TX.

to Ca. It contained 5 salt water rods (Penn International, Shimano, & others wrapped in towels. The rod tube was 8" in diameter 8' long. It included a heavy duty handle.

It arrived in Ca. with it's screw on end cap caved in, and rod guides on the Penn & Shimano either broken or bent, requiring replacement. Some *** with UPS had to have dropped it on it's end from a significant height or used it like a battering ram. I thought I had made it airline proof, AND I thought I was shipping UPS = No Worries!

Well, the airlines even with many shipments couldn't break it---- BUT--- ONE trip with UPS it is destroyed.

Maybe there is a video of this incident too with a security camera being flipped off as well! NEVER AGAIN, A__HOLES!!!!!!

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