Robert Locke. Port Aransas . Aransas Port.

Robert this is a letter that I feel bad about having to write anonymous but I have to vent somehow and maybe you will read this and finally get it.

When I am working the bar and you walk in I get filled with disappointment and disgust with the thought of having to serve you for the next hours. I cannot even concentrate on my work as I am thinking about how long it will be until you either do me and everyone else in the bar a favor and leave or my shift ends.

You have the nerve to be angry with me when I find chores to stay busy or talk to my other customers just so I don't have to spend one more minute near you

Your constant leering at me gives me the shakes and makes me want to throw up..

Your never ending sexual comments and inappropriate advances towards me and any other woman in the bar is beyond belief. I am sick of your constant lies. Even you cannot keep track of them. When you go to the restroom people just look at each other and roll their eyes and shake their heads in disbelief.

You are the worst customer I have ever had the misfortune of serving and if I thought you would not follow me to the next place of employment I would just quit my job so I would not have to deal with you anymore.

I pray that you just stay home or leave the island. Everyone in the bar talks about what a slime you are as soon as you leave.

Please just go away or slither back under the rock you came out from.

Your very Tired Server.

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Actaually there is no Josie.....this is written by WILLIAM STANLEY of 601 Sandy Land, Port Aransas Texas. All these things that appear on the internet are all written by one man..FELLON ..William Stanley who spent 5 years in the pen for Money Laundering.

We have now sued him and that companany he was working for for 7 million dollars for Lible and Slander It is in Case NO. 09 55 46 A In Nueces County 28 District Court. Stanley is a *** man and tried to sell a property that he DID NOT OWN to my banker Pat Geister and he took $22,000.00 from the widow. When I found out, I had her STOP PAYMENT" and thank GOD it was intime.

Stanley then cut her tires on her car....and on my truck......and filed CRIMINAL CHARGES against the 72 year old Widow for the "Stop Payment". OF COURSE it was thrown out. WILLIAM STANLY is a *** MAN of the first order. He is good with computers....so he will be at this forever.

ASK YOURSELF........If I did this stuff......why am I not arrested or in jail? If anyone else has anything complaints against me.....come to me in person. I am easy to deal with.

As for sex......I have been celibet for 6 years now waiting to find a good christian woman who wants a family. Sorry.....Stanley.....your lies don't hold logic to the light of day...


I must agree with get over it. Obviously you lack the balls to be a Bartender.

I realize you are female, and scared of the guy, but put up or shut up. Tell your boss. Do something. *** Robert probably does not even know how to turn on a computer.

Besides your comment is slander plain and simple. True or not is not relevant. You could be sued along with the place you work. I am not saying he would win, but that would not stop a suit.

This could cost you thousands in legal fees. Believe me I am a professional, and know what I am talking about. Months of legal BS, and trauma from such. Never mind if they find you guilty or not.

You will still be out legal fees with your only recourse to counter sue. Believe me few people will want to deal with the additional *** involving a counter suit after going through the initial suit. Keep in mind that is if they rule not guilty in the first place!

Stand up to the fool, or file harassment against him.

It seems to me if he is being a creep have Paul or whoever tell him he is no longer welcome.

That is one reason it is called a bar. If you act like a *** you get Barred!


I thought this was a review website, not "Leave me alone, evil stalker"...


You are a bartender, handle it! Part of working with the public.

You have too many emotional problems to be a bartender.

I doubt if you are being stalked anyway. Probably your only claim to island drama fame

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