well I have to warn women about this freak online..his name is rob.this guy is crazy..we both were talking online about going to an event..he called me a fake because I refused to send him several pictures and only sent him one. then he called me not from the country and abnormal and tried hard to bring me down for noreason...I was just a female trying to go to a sporting event and this weirdo just sat there harassing and degrading me for hours...for no reason...I really recommend women to stay away from this freak...he claims to be a private investigator...i'd stay far away from him he is sick in the head dysfunctional and warped....this freak is a narcissist and sociopath...any woman should beware of him and steer clear....he basically harassed me and called me a fake for refusing to send him several pictures--no male should EXPECT a woman to send several pictures, despite the fact that I was a normal female just looking to go. he continued insulting and harassing me for no reason trying to put me down and call me names...for no reason? after lying to me leading me on...he said he was interested in going but then said he couldn't make it but would rather take me to dinner. I said...that's ok I found a real date and I knew you were a flake I could tell right away---this lunatic continued harassing me calling me names for no reason...telling me I was fake..

he claims to be a private investigator...strange yet he had issues with a legitimate female calling her names and trying to PROVE she is a fake when she's real...this lunatic is delusional and has serious psychological problems....

he also wanted to ride in my car or 'pick me up' and drive me over an hour out of town which I objected to...trying to be safe and secure and cautious...yet he is a PI and is ok with picking up a total stranger and going with her out of town?

this person is a nutcase and just warning any woman to stay away from this freak...my gripe is that these freaks online they all PLAY the SAME GAMES?? do they all share the same brain...its really strange...they are sick crazy people as is this freak...

its very bizarre that a safe normal female, who doesn't want to ride in the same car with a stranger, who is interested in going to an event, who is legitimate and decent is being called fake and all sorts of things by a sociopath like this...total lunatic..

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Ashley dear, you sound crazy and your rumbling post does not make any sense.


also his stories for not making it, were all fake lies made no sense and didn't add up...he made up several different lies and when I caught him on his lies he began insulting me...I don't know what kind of gene pool these psychopaths come from...maybe theyre all on the same medication or came from the same breed of crazies but they need help...this person is a nutcase...also he sat there fighting just to bring me down...for no reason...I was just a nice female trying to do an activity...and this nut just sat there insulting and harassing me non-stop...because I wanted to go to an event and called him out on his lies? weird sick people out there...

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