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This woman lives in Roanoke and is almost 40 years old and she stayed at a home located in SW Roanoke. Her security deposit was $1000 and her rent was $600..

She had a deal. She signed a lease and stayed for 6 months. Around the end of the 4th month she began calling the landlord (who is a 79 year old man) and telling him she has a relative in China who is sick and they need immediate medical attention. Out of the kindness of his heart, the landlord gave her the $1000 security deposit back early to help her.

After the 6th month, she left without a word, changed her phone number and did not pay her last months rent. Nor did she give the $1000 security deposit back. She is a liar and left this landlord with holes in his couches from cigarettes and her dog. She deleted her facebook as well, basically leaving him with no way to contact her!

The landlord is out 1,600 dollars and with holes in his couches!

Ouch.. watch out for her!

People around here know her as well, like Mr. Bill Chen, Mr. Michael Douthat, Mr.

Kevin Chen and Joshua Liu. However, none of them will help the landlord contact her or recover his money!

Reason of review: Bad Tenant.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Why do you try to tie people like Michael Douthat and Joshua Liu into it?

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