My son ordered bare mineral elements make up for me as a gift he ordered a trail product of it since i"m disable and take percocet and morphine for the pain after 7 back surgeries and don't ever leave the house I never wear makup so I called to cancel it the man I spoke to said I could use it until dec 8 and he would email me the address to mail it back I never recieved it then today I wokeup at 5;00 p.m got on line to check my bank account and found they charged me $130.52 for a product they sell on tv for #29.95 I pnly get $784.00 monthly to live on I just want to give them back ther product and get my money back but they just refuse to work with me. If they would of emailed me like they said I would have not gotten my money stolen by them in this scam can anyone help me biswell63@yahoo.com thank you jeanette

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