On July 23rd I bought my son an electric motorcycle from buyelectricscooters.com aka Linson USA for his birthday which was August 4th. I paid extra to have it shipped UPS Ground.

I noticed when I got the box that it was shipped regular mail and the shipping label on the box was for a lot less than I had paid The box arrived after his birthday and it was in very poor condition! I opened the box to put the bike together for my son so he could have his birthday present, and it is missing 6 pieces. I have tried contacting the company by the numbers given to me and one number is a *** line and the other is somebody's personal cell phone. The email address I was given is a false address.

I have tried emailing them several times and it always comes back as failure to send. This is a horrible thing to do to a 2 year old on his birthday!!

I do not recomend this company to ANYBODY!!!

Melissa Rendleman

North Conway, NH

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Edgewater, Florida, United States #789771
Yeah I wish I would of saw this first. They charged me for shipping after it said it was free, no response from the company at all.

My money is all tied up till my cc gets all the info. What a pain in the ***. It's going to ruin my daughter's birthday as well.

***!!! :(

It looks like they have resorted to Credit card fraud now, because my friend just got his ripped off and the transaction was for that company, after further research It shows only one person working there from China. It is a bogus company that is in America to rip people off, I am appaled at this, and I speak fluent chinese. 真他妈的

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