Roseboro,North Carolina

I messed up when I decided to by a pool from these people. It was a good and gravy at first but then when the pool started to mess up every thing became NOT under warranty.

First it was the pump that stopped on its own then then the tank busted and they told me that I did it, I wished I knew how the he**. Now the liner has started falling down and they told me " I sorry mam, but you must have been pulling down on it". I guess I just like to pay for something so expensive and then just throw my money away.

When you are talking with the sales rep he promises all the warranties and says everything is covered but it is not.

The only cover that you have is coming out of your pocket. I have spent alone last year on repairs to my pool about 900.00.

Now I have got to pull out another 500.00 for a liner.

Enough is enough, these people need to be stopped or at least held responsible.

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