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This company will manipulate your balance, payment and intrest rates to see that you are over the limit if you are close to your limit. I have made my payments on time and they have adjusted my intrest rate by the month so by the time all is added up I am over the limit each time.

This has been going on since August.I have not used my card for anything since August. Times are hard and I do pay my min due on time and still have not gotten out of the hole. They add 39.00 for something every month. I cannot affort to pay more that my min at this time.

They are crooks!! and have taken advantage of the banking crunch to take advantage of their customers. I have called customer service and they will not budge.

Shameful!!! I have never had this problem with any other credit card.

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By they way this credit card is Juniper previously known as Barkleys

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