An update on the review that you posted on 25-03-2012. I got an email on 31-03-2012 from the alleged expert on computer problems asking why I did not ok his payment and was their a problem, in replying I said that I had got no help and had managed to resolve the matter myself.

Surprise surprise in checking my emails this morning came word from JustAnswer asking the same question was their a problem and if so how could they resolve it. One of the options was "Would you like your money refunded" to which of course I replied yes. Pay Pal in the last hour have confirmed that they have received the £28 and will forward it shortly. I can only assume that JustAnswer review sites for critisism and came accross yours hence the response and refund.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for posting the review and to say sites such as yours are a valuable tool in the commercial world we live in. Yours, Colin Munro.

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