Other Company - Getting a person I speak with

This is ridiculous that I cannot speak in person to someone from this company. I’ve tried for over a week to make a one time special order and no one will contact me.

Other Company - Cancel a subscription

I have tried to cancel this subscription 2 times. I just keep getting the magazine. My acct. No. is {{Redacted}}, Jackie Ainey.
Edlin is one of the most unscrupulous attorneys in atlanta. Feel free to contact me at my private email below and I'll give you more detail. He States on his website that he is a high ssset divorce attorney. He only redid his website and made this statement after he...
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Other Company - Exchange for larger size.

Need an exchange to a bigger size

Other Company - *** Electrician

We hired Greg Williams to install electrical wiring in our new addition located at 6 Jarvis Ave. in Hingham Mass. What a Joke,he mis wired all of the recessed light and circuits. Gregg smelt like {{Redacted}} and was frequently late showing up in the morning. I had to pay another electrican $2,800.00 to make my project safe. DO NOT HIRE GW ELECTRICAL FROM TAUNTON FOR ANYTHING UNLESS YOU WANT TO PURPOSELY BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!

Other Company - Need some help

Hi Dr OZ . I have a big problem passing gas all the time ans smells like sewage . What can i take to clear this up . Thanks

Other Company - Missing parts

I ordered front struts for my 04 Kia Amanti and they have yet to come in. What the *** do i do now?? This car is going ti kill my mother

Other Company - Trying to get a paystub

there is no one in Human Resources in Morrilton, Arkansas. I was given a form to get my paystub. This form just circles, doesn't get me to a spot to where I can get a copy of a paystub I need for DHS to get my SNAP for food stamps. I was let go 12-9-18. I NEED MY PAYSTUB NOW!!!!!

Other Company - Bb4397 baby playpen

From the day I brought it home. I have never been able to lock the sides to prevent it from folding.

Other Company - Wrongful Representation

You have represented products and give always in a misleading way to the public and there should be consequences for your actions. If you or your company choose to represent other companies in a unfavorable way let it be you are misleading the consumer. There are laws to protect the consumer from their personal information as well.