Other Company - Pissed consumer

I asked to be opt out of this service before my 3 day free trail was up and they didnt and charged me for it anyway..I reguest to have my money restored on my card this service is full of *** it didnt give the right information on the number i was seeking i advise that nobody be a victim of the scam and not deal with them
This company has been advertising on Facebook and I ordered the monogrammed boots. They are much smaller than the advertised U.S. sizes. I contacted the company several times attempting to return boots. This is the last E-mail after requesting a supervisor. Hello, I...
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Dear Doctor Oladeji, My mother and myself went to see Dr Oladeji since I was young. At the time he was a very caring doctor to go to and I considered him at the time a 5 star doctor. 2 years ago my mother passed away and the family house was sold. Had to another area...
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Other Company - Warranty

I'm trying to contact someone to instruct me on what to do about a faulty catalytic converter it was installed and two separate dealers said that the catalytic converter is faulty I need to return it and purchase another one someone please help me my e mail is
I had contracted with Apex Mivers to ship my belongs from Florida to Minneapolis. I was clear I wanted the belongings to arrive by the 1st week of August and even changed my pick up date to reflect this. I had originally ally scheduled for July 28 but pushed it back to...
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Other Company - Advertising Of Dickey’s BBQ

I got an email, from someone, that said, they would pay me 500 dollars a week to put a advertisement of Dickey’s BBQ on my Vehicle. Is this legit or not. I’m not pissed off, just want to find out, if your doing a promotion or not

Other Company - Best buffet

This place is the best buffet with hot food good fish and best tea ever
Ingleside, Texas

Other Company - Good services

This part has been redone to look like new

Other Company - Warning

I am having trouble canceling my account. They keep charging me. Even when I open a email response.

Other Company - Hacker

A hacker has made a fake account with my email. Please remove it. The username is Darkbadger and the password is {{REDACTED}} Please remove my account {{REDACTED}}