I would not recommend this orthopedic surgeon to my worst enemy. His practice takes less time with patients than a burger joint would to flip a greasy hamburger and put pickles and cheese on. Go elsewhere unless you want the chop-chop (profit driven) care you'll get...
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A lady on craigslist was giving away a sphynx cat and told me she was going to ship it to me from Michigan to california. And she said the delivery company for the cat would contact me. I got a phone call 5 minutes later from a chinese man who i can barely he what he...
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Pet Airways had nothing to do with the scam stated above. Pet Airways is not currently conducting flights, doesn't sell pets, accept Amazon gift cards or money grams. Pet Airw...


Other Company - Pissed consumer

I asked to be opt out of this service before my 3 day free trail was up and they didnt and charged me for it anyway..I reguest to have my money restored on my card this service is full of *** it didnt give the right information on the number i was seeking i advise that nobody be a victim of the scam and not deal with them
This company has been advertising on Facebook and I ordered the monogrammed boots. They are much smaller than the advertised U.S. sizes. I contacted the company several times attempting to return boots. This is the last E-mail after requesting a supervisor. Hello, I...
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Dear Doctor Oladeji, My mother and myself went to see Dr Oladeji since I was young. At the time he was a very caring doctor to go to and I considered him at the time a 5 star doctor. 2 years ago my mother passed away and the family house was sold. Had to another area...
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Other Company - Warranty

I'm trying to contact someone to instruct me on what to do about a faulty catalytic converter it was installed and two separate dealers said that the catalytic converter is faulty I need to return it and purchase another one someone please help me my e mail is
I had contracted with Apex Mivers to ship my belongs from Florida to Minneapolis. I was clear I wanted the belongings to arrive by the 1st week of August and even changed my pick up date to reflect this. I had originally ally scheduled for July 28 but pushed it back to...
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Other Company - Advertising Of Dickey’s BBQ

I got an email, from someone, that said, they would pay me 500 dollars a week to put a advertisement of Dickey’s BBQ on my Vehicle. Is this legit or not. I’m not pissed off, just want to find out, if your doing a promotion or not

Other Company - Best buffet

This place is the best buffet with hot food good fish and best tea ever
Ingleside, Texas

Other Company - Good services

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