Other Company - Nto polite and nasty

your person that call me at 8:43 last night was not funny. he was very nastyyou shouldn't be employed.

The one who talk to me and the one laughing behind he laughing. Phone 1 252 623 3447.

don't contact me . the complaint was not meant for you.

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Other Company - Took Car in to find out about noise

I had 3 problems with my car last year. If your Engine light is on, have it check for free at any parts house.

My air Conditioner quit, needed a compressor. Wanted noise checked out on car, $100 an hour, ok they checked out engine light, engine light does not tell where noise is at, took it back again, still never drove it at all. they said engine light shows small air leak. now want another $300 I said know, Firestone in London, Kentucky fixed it for free.

noise sounds like in Trans.

Tim Short does not work on Trans. why did I go there to pay $100 ?

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Other Company - Worst account admin I have ever encountered

My account # AZ0069722

My account balance $45.33 was paid at the end of February thru my bank (Chase) as always. You still do not show this being paid as of today, 3/18/19.

This is the second time I have had to spend time on the phone with customer service to rectify problems. Your customer service is terrible!

According to my records, I am paid thru the end of March. Please find my payment in your records and by all means cancel my subscription at the end of March. I want nothing more to do with thie newspaper.

Nathan Newman

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Other Company - NOW I AM REALLY PISSED!!!!

I have tried SEVERAL TIMES to unsubscribe from pissedconsumer.com and can't remember my password and the Password RESET REQUEST IS RIGGED;so as to not allow me to get a new password;therefore being able to unsubscribe!!! Signed; SUPER

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Other Company - Turn around

After complaining, about the parking for us older ones, the operations manageress. Gave strict instructions that our car should be dealt with and any time of day.

And a really nice complementary dinner. Before we left, we were told that head office and the site managers were working or resolving the parking problems.

so, in fairness they did their best. And it is not a bad place to stay either.

Reason of review
Good customer service
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Other Company - I have been billed $141.00 for a "FREE TRIAL" saI wmple

ordered on line and was assured I would be billed for shipping and handling only and find I have been billed an additional $141,00 dollars because I did not cancel. I was assured this would not happen.

The company called me day after I ordered saying they had a computer glitch and needed my postal code and credit card number again. At that point I said cancel the order. I spent over an hour on the phone today trying to get my money back.

No luck! Still waiting for a manager to call me back.

Reason of review
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
Preferred solution
Full refund
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Other Company - Do not stay near the front desk

I did everything wrong. I stayed near the front desk, I stayed on the ground floor. I stayed at a cheap hotel in Kingman, Arizona - not a location particularly known for geeks.

However, I was not the only room that suffered equipment damage. Some of the neighbors had their smart phones destroyed, top of the line models that cost $500 each.

Kingman, Arizona is near Oatman, Arizona a place that is part of the Wild West - it's not exactly Seattle, Silicon Valley, or even Silicon Alley.

Don't go there for a computer use retreat. Bring your donkey.

Reason of review
Fair pricing
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Other Company - Fresh flowers

flowers arrived to my wife not looking fresh, they said flowers came in that morning and were the best they have seen in years, not happy

Reason of review
Bad quality
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Other Company - Great services

Gabriel was great he installed recess light throughtout my dingy house in my office, kitchen and living room he finished so fast and everything came out so beautiful i love the work i wish him and his company well and refer to all my family and friends!

Reason of review
Good quality
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Other Company - Paid for a costumers food

Paid for a costumers food with my own money because I didn’t have my red card.

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