I'm so displeased with Str. Talk. For 2 years we have been with them. My husband and I. We live at the same address and they text me that they charged me 45.00, my normal rate. I looked on my credit card and they charged me 50.63. They charged my husband 45.00. When I...
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Other Company - Return items I need shipping slips

I ordered a few items from you guys that do not fit my motorcycle

Other Company - Grateful l Hope

Received a message from POC l hope they for real after I have been sad about not being able to reach someone who truly cares. It up to us to try to bring hard working, honest people together. I honestly have tears coming from my eyes, because I have 3 hard working adult girls,and stepdaughter who also work's/ women . Anything that can be resolved are improved, big,are little is hope for our children, grandchildren,mine 13. Thanks

Other Company - Trust, who's making you money

Say what you mean,and Mean what you say.A true farmer knows what kind of animals he has. Crawl before you walk.

Other Company - I see actually what your doing

If anyone wanted to help. Why didn't they just call me.

Other Company - Free cost 39.99 2 time's and a800 that don't work

Free until you trust them to find after you give your information for a loan that's been approved, pre-approval, final step.confirm your contact information. For the10,000 to call you for the same thing.oops they already have it.that website that's funded by them.Just sign up for the moneysavingexpert , guide.

Other Company - Money savings experts

That's how this when tried to send a concern of mine coming from supposed to be safe sites thru goo

Other Company - Paid for surveys, that never reach.the client's

So I am assuming the money is being used for Children First Foundation.

Other Company - Final Step Who , and Who not to trust,if not the People$$$$

Still wanting to make money based on 100 points

Other Company - I ordered an item for $208 before Christmas and still have note received it.

In addition, I have received an email confirming shipment on Dec 3, 2018. I could not contact them using the link provided by them. Am I out my $208? What recourse do I have? What is the remedy? This is the link: