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These people called my home 3-5 times daily for over 6 weeks w/computer then did not leave messages, my husband D Jones and & I did not respond, finally they started calling at 9PM and after , then I called to complain. They act self-righteous and further questioned my knowledge of a R Jones.

They are self-righteous in their abuse of info---including anyone w/ the names Jones, Smith, or _____. No integrity whatsoever. They asked me to verify my tel no when they'd already called me my name.

No integrity, no values. They are dogs and a shame to good people everywhere.

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if u have time do the same to them in your free time..tie them up on the phone inceesently because they have to pay people to sit at the phones and take calls just remeber if u do it in your free time its costing them money not u and if u do it enough they will lose more than their making.

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