Ashford, Connecticut
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Invoice number #80699, dated 11/05/2011. The person that came to repair the arms of my lift chair didn't do the best job. 3/12/2011

He put extra form in the arms and in front of the seat but when leaning on the arm or pust down on the arm there is a noise. Still isn't right matter of fact, it is worst. Seat is very uncomfortable.

I am not comfortable with it and therefore you need to replace the chair or refund my money. I will contact the company or the Better businees bureau on Monday. (Paul C. Green, customer)

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What I don't understand is people leaving comments here as if this is the service area for a specific company. There is no way that these businesses will read your complaints if you leave them here.

This site is to warn other people of businesses that are 'rip offs' or with which you are otherwise dissatisfied. If you want to address a problem you need to go to that company's website or call their customer service number.

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