This weekend while my oldest daughter (23)was visiting she noticed that my seven year old son had black eye. He got this because I was disciplining him for lying.

I also asked him to say he got injured in the park. My daughter reported this to CPS and said that I have been abusing him. This was an accident that I gave him a black eye. What ever happened to allowing parents to spank their children to keep them in shape.

Now four of my seven children are in foster care. They are 6, 7 11 and 13 years old. If my two other children living at home had been under 16 they too would have been removed. Why remove all four children if only one was injured and that also accidentally?

When I asked my daughter why she made the claim of abuse, she said that I was she did not want her siblings to go through what she went through and even offered to take her 16 year old sister who was not put in foster care in her home till I got help. I still love my oldest daughter, just disappointed she would turn me in, and that you would take my other children because I accidentally gave my seven year old a black eye. He is not even her real brother. My four oldest children have one father whom left when my middle child was born.

So they removed my four children out of seven.

Please give them back to me without your conditions. This is discrimination against a single parent.

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black eyes are not spanking. I'm a single parent, we all get frustrated.

Sounds like you need to breathe and think before reacting.

Go somewhere for help, your oldest daughter did the right thing.


What the *** did I just read.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #427933

You disciplined him for lying and then asked him to lie to CPS?


lol, you guys got trolled on this one.

to steverock #727280

Steve, you think it's trolling but it's not even close. To be a true Troll post - she would need to say something so outrageous that only an *** would believe her.

And as we all know; there are a lot of parents that think just like what is written in this post. So the average person is 100% qualified to claim this as real and not a troll.

I'm not saying it wasn't an attempt at trolling...there are some really bad trolls out there that shouldn't bother, this could be one of them.

umadbro? :cry


you guys are making this stuff up. No way. Since when does a normal person give their kid a black eye.


I really, really, really hope this is just some *** with far more internet access than common sense but, in case it isn't:

Your oldest child deserves a medal for being brave enough to come forward and report your abuse. You, meanwhile, deserve to be shot.

Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #342070

sometimes a child needs a good whack in the ...eye


since when is wacking a child in the head is decipline

Vista, California, United States #341579

:( Are you freaking serious???? Did I read this correctly??

I hope they throw you under the jail and maybe your children will have a chance at a real life. Oh My Gosh read what you wrote and you'll understand why your children have been taken away you ***


this can't possibly be real, no one could be as dumb as this woman...accidentally giving an 8 yr old a black eye....7 kids?! if this is for real then thank god the oldest had enough sense to call cps to have the other kids removed. *** mother should have to be neutered & hopefully better homes found for her kids as they deserve better.


They took 4 kids coz if you would injure on then what would stop you injuring all of them??????

So you accidentally disciplined him? Why is it that the people in this world who don't deserve kids keep having them? Oh yeah, benefits and welfare


Re-read what you posted and maybe then you'll know why your children are being taken away.

If you do not understand, then keep re-reading.


You are a real dolt! How do you "accidently" give a kid a black eye and ask him to lie about it?

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