You have been taking out of her account 27.95 and 39,95 every month I want this stopped asap

It is a Visa card numbered 4266841137513212

I would like to be more full of information but I have not the slightest idea what the charges are for or who they belong to I just want them stopped right away.

I read THE agreement for the pissed of custermer the only thing I want is top be removed from your sucker list and stop charging this visa account. I expect to heat=r from you within 36 hours it is now 2000hrs here in Las Vegas.

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Did you ask your wife what the charges are? Maybe she joined a couple of online dating sites to find someone with more brains than to post her CC number on a public forum.


So not only do you not post the business you are complaining about, you then post your cc number for the whole world to see?

You do know pissedconsumer isn't an email to the company, and this kind of message would be best sent to the actual company, right?

I've reported this message as spam. It is completely useless to the pissedconsumer community since it gives no details as to what company it is, and you set yourself up for harm by posting the number.


Did you really just put your credit card number on a public website for all to see? Why not post the expiration date and security number while you're at it.

This world is full of idiots. :zzz



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