my hardship letter had no bearence on my request for a mod. under the obama plan.

i was still turned down. and why you ask? i don;t make enough money as i am on disability. i have been going thru breast cancer since 04.

it has matastized twice to my liver. i tried so hard to keep my house making paymts on time all thru mod. process but still turned down. paymt was lowered during that time, know they hassle me every wk for that back pymt.

telling me that iam in danger of losing my home. they have given me no choice but to put my home up for a short sale. i can;t wait to get out from under aurora loan they make you feel like a criminal. i treid so hard to do every thing the right way but now i have a lawyer involved.

he has advises me to not make my pyment. i just hope they will approve a short sale when a quilifed buyer comes along. i have a feeling it;s not going to be easy.

they are like dealing with the mofia back in the day! i hope they don;t send a tough guy out to break my arm!

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