No. No one contacted me.

The way businesses work these days is very different than the way thay used to work. Businesses really don't care what the customer thinks, they just make stupid decisions regardless of how it affects business. I've seen this more more prevalent at each place that I have worked. I know they're not going to change.

some high exec moron thinks it's a good idea to annoy customers with their garbage on screens and music. I've seen situations like this a million times. They won't change anything even if the customer hates it because some executive got a huge bonus for what they thought was a good idea. They're not going to drop it and tarnish their name.

They're going to keep the retarded idea rolling to defend it because they got money out of it. It is what it is I just won't use their gas stations that's all. Most customers won't complain they just stopped using their gas stations. As far as I'm concerned if they got rid of bean counters and executives businesses would do so much better.

Because executive decisions nine times out of 10 from what I've seen do more to hurt the company than help. And bean counters have to justify their bean-counting and they usually cut the meat not the fat because they themselves are part of the fat.

It's all about greed. They don't care that the company loses business as long as they get their money and keep their jobs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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