We are having our 4th annual fund raiser to build a home for veterans families while their loved one is receiving treatment in a Va Medical Center. All oil companies except BP are contributing gas cards for a raffle to raise funds.

Last year whe I told BP they were the only oil company not contributing and that their station was the closest to the event with 1000 people attending, they took back their "No thanks" and sent me a gas card.

This year I cannot even get to first base. If they don't support Vets then they don't support anything in my book.

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After all the vitriol BP had to put up with when the oil spill in the Gulf happened, I do not blame them for minding their own business and telling organisations begging for money to go fly a kite. They cannot give to everyone who says it is for "the poor" or "the veterans", etc. Just be happy someone contributed to your cause.


All business have to pick and choose their contributions carefully, and it is unfair to expect them to prioritize yours and short others. Unfair, and I am a vet, but never contribute to vet causes. I won't change my plan, either.

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