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I live in Halifax,MA I read in your fly er of an 2000Lb winch on sale for 49.99 when I entered your Braintree store at 3:30PM.on Monday 11/7/11 I asked the girl at the cash register where the winches on sale were located, she directed me to them. I proceeded to look for other items I needed.

A five gallon gas can, A syphon pump and, A low profile creeper. I approached the cashier line and noticed the cashier swiping bar codes on A fly er. when I approached her I asked her if I needed the fly er for my discount she told me yes that I would be charged full price for the items in the fly er without it I told her I forgot mine and is there A fly er in the store I can use the coupon from, she told me no. I cannot for the life of me understand how A cashier would let A customer out the door.

After seeing A large amount of items in the shopping cart and loosing the sale.

Even Super markets will use a fly er from under the cash register to swipe the discount for a customer who forgot their fly er. After I was done talking to the cashier I asked my wife to leave the shopping cart with all the items aside and we left the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Customer Care.

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You did the correct thing, even tho I suspect your wife was disconcerted at the time---sounds like my wife! In any event, you probably could have asked for the store manager, but even that is no guarantee of success. Just remember, you are in Massachusetts, and the citizenry is not all that bright to begin with---remember "the swimmer" Kennedy?

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