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I am a caretaker for a lady that requires the use of a wheelchair. It is so nice when a store has the motorized scooters (it gives them a rare sense of independence).

I was allowed to use the scooter to go get my client out of the vehicle. After my client purchased 3 storm doors (value over $600), we were told she wouldn't be able to use the scooter outside the store to get back in the vehicle. They said the usual policy is to take another wheelchair, involving transfers. I am sure that is okay for some, however with my client & I'm sure many others, each transfer requires excessive strength & more stress.

My client was furious & would have liked to have returned the doors, however, more shopping would have been too much.

She is only able to get out in the best of weather & health conditions - maybe only 2x mo. Please review your policy - though I'm sure my client will not be back, it may help others.

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Something is wrong here. I am disabled.

I use scotters all the time. Even though some of them have signs saying they cannot be taken outside I have on occasion taken them to my car, of-loaded my items, and then taken the scotter back into the store.

I have NEVER been approached or told I could not use them outside. There is something missing to this story.

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