Ripley,West Virginia

I bought tires just before Thanksgiving and sent in the rebate information to get my $116.00 rebate. It is now Janruary 29th and haven't received it yet.

What is taking so long? I thought a big company that advertises these savings would handle their promotions better than this. I expected my rebate check alittle faster than this. After I checked, I even had 2 people look it over, that I achieved reaching all the dumb rules to get the rebate.

I still haven't received it. My real question is why is there even a gimmick like this to get a rebate. They shouldn't advertise a rebate if you have to follow *** stipulations to fill out a form just to get it.

Why not send in your receipt with your address and receive this rebate. That is what most major companies do.

George Wessel

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