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Really three years and no chilren in the home and the couch is coming apart at the seams..... 4000.00 and it's coming apart at he seams and just as luck would have it... that is not covered under warrenty. i wonder why does it happen often????

Customer Service was a woman that hadd her lines rehersed so well that it leads you to believe that they have had many issues. i thought she would never stop talking!!!

Quite differant than the apeech we heard when they sold us the furniture! Last time I will spend the money for a quality product with a well none brand name to hear it's going to cost me to have it fixed!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203076

I am sure it does not happen often.. Also how do you know that lady had the lines rehearsed.

Yuo just don't want to admit you are careless. There may be no children in the house but you probably were acting like children when sitting on the couch.

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