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Jason, check your email, I have sent you proof that, Chris Improta, Peter Brandt, a guy named Wes, Doug, Melissa and Tony, several others all have written things on this site some nuetral others have grudges. I have talked to several of these people during lunch and through each other spilling the beans on the other.

I know they type your name in on responses and use other names at will on here. If you don't do anything with it, give it to one of those who have been mentioned on here, the initial counseling is free, a defamation law suite would bring all to the table and who they really are. Why Pete keeps adding fuel to the fire is beyond me, after his Orlando deal with a certain Insurance Rep, and a female agent at the office on one of his so called team building drinking frenzies. I hope he checks the mail and not his wife, its a matter of time before she knows.

I have been working on this for a couple months, its time to bring it all out on the table, however its up to you.I'm not here to judge who is right or wrong, I do know that most of these posts against you and your family is false and when they brought your family into the mix, its time you go all in to stop this. Best of luck not just to you, those who have posted and never wanted their names to come out.

Use the emails and attachments at your discretion. Once they see who I am, they will be shocked as well, I don't care, I am moving anyway.

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Allgood, Alabama, United States #281123

F@cking ***.

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