This was the biggest crock I have ever read. Did you consult w/ a pedorthist?

Very disappointed!Gellin is fluffin. Feet need to be evaluated, one on one, not generically, by a professional!

Respectfully, Diane Hayes aka dashoelady@att.net The foot is a very complicated "structure" there are foot types to be considered i.e. high arch, low arch, no arch. you also have to factor in things like the diabetic foot, which can be critical.Foot issues to consider, am I'm just touching the "iceburg": pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis, leg length discepency,neuromas, etc, etc!

you can't just put an insole in a shoe and expect a miracle.

more often than not, w/out proper, experienced guidance it creates more problems. When you add something to a shoe w/out modification you create more problems!

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