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I work as a vendor for your pharmacy in rudiso, I delivered 8 totes on the 27 of may, I was one short had mixed one tote with an earlier delivery 40 min. away.

i made this problem clear to this manager chavez first thing. her reaction was very threatening like you better get my box or else. i have been doing this job for 10 months and never had a problem! immediately I contacted my supervisor explained the situation and his answer to me if they are controls go back and get them , if there not deliver next day!!

chavez was upset that I was speaking to my dispatch office, she followed me out of the pharmacies door telling me pay attention to me!!in a vicious voice' when she did that I knew something was unusual.She has an unusual personalty it took forever to try to get to get to know her but all the coworkers say that's the way she is!!! her moods where high and low all the time. i followed protocol and she was hazzing me throughout her co workers, this is against the law. she has made it her last will and testament to get me fired and has lied to the drug company to call my superiors and fire me.

that day my superior called me to say try to keep the peace , or i have to fire you chavez looked at me with such content that i showed you!!

I have spoken to chaves's coworkers in review of what she told them without my presence, I have given this statement to my attorney to build a case, in the event this action does not stop from your employer hazing me or she succeed in getting me fired, i will file a law suit towards walmart, i believe there is something medical going on with chavez, and it would not be very hard to prove when i subpoena co workers to prove it!! thank you for you time and consideration stephen pinter 595 353 7938 i have no interest in getting her fired, i would like only someone to talk to her to back up that's all!!!

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you probably forgot her anger drugs. lol

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