I have been an online buyer for over 15 years.I have tried various products, stuck with some, but gone elsewhere for others. Companies keep coming out with new products better than what I recently bought.(curses)

I have had problems with Customer Service, but all were resolved to my satisfaction. Exception : Ebay, but it was the seller who was banned(who are we kidding?).

I recommend going online to READ about product details, quantity price breaks and return/refund policies, etc.

Pharmaceutical example...

Some companies offer price breaks at 3, 6, 12, 15(a few), 24...

DO NOT order big until you are sure it works.

IF YOU ORDER BIG I suggest ordering different products at different times to spread the large payments...12 bottles at $20 each is still $240

Once familiar with the website call the 800 number and order...

if you wish a live hassle.

Don't take it out on the sales rep... it's probably his/her first job and think of the lack of moral training. Besides, you've already had a bad day so why take it out on the help?

Happy shopping.

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