It is time someone spoke out about the wicked and deceitful ways of a woman called Elena Solomon who also goes by the name Elena Petrova and Elena Gold.

There are those who will go against what I will say or mock it but I am not afraid of them or what they may mock or say because I know what I am talking about and what I have seen.

What they will not tell you is that those who support her ways are those who have participated on her site and in order to participate on her site Elena's Models one must agree by an agreement when they sign up on the site to not speak negatively about her or her site on the internet.

If one does speak negatively about the site and her she and her site can take action against such a person and even discredit them if they post some negative comment on the internet about her or her site even after they have finished participating on the site.

This is the reason why many of them will speak so "positively" about her and her site for fear of their reputation being affected in a negative way by Elena Petrova or her site! Their positive comments one should not believe when it comes to what I will talk about.

Elena Solomon and her site contain bigoted ignorance because of the favoritism that they show to one race in particular which is what being a bigot is about.

This can be seen in the race details that are found on the many ladies' profiles on Elena Solomon's site. These race details in these profiles contain one race in them most of the time.

Why is this done by her and her site administrators? The answer: It is because she believes that those who belong to that one race can best take care of those ladies who come from the region she is from-the former soviet union area!

Of course and we are talking from the man's standpoint let's say in terms of stories that others share there are a sprinkling here and there of other races on the site to give one the impression that there is no race favoritism but this is far from being the truth.

These races may be there but their pictured identities tend to get hidden away in the clutter of the one race that gets seen the most on Elena Solomon's site!

Elena Solomon and her site is one of the very, very, very few out there who are in the business that she is in that actually puts race in the details that are written on a ladies profiles. It is even part of the search engine on her site.

It is interesting that a site that is in the same business that Elena Solomon and her site is in that claims to have the top search engine in the industry does not contain race in their search engine's criteria yet Elena Solomon on her site's search engine has race as a criteria!

By the way Elena Solomon claims to have one of the "best" search engine too as well-perhaps the best search engine for her is the one that contains race details as part of its search criteria! Only bigots think this way!

Because the profiles of the ladies have race details in them when one does use the search engine to search with race as the criteria one will find that one race gets the most amount of attention on the site. If this is not proof of bigotry or favoritism to one race then I do not know what is!

Now some will say that ladies want this to be so but however profiles have to go through the site administration to get approved before they show up on the site and the administrators are the ones who can add details to the profiles of the ladies and affect these profiles as they wish.

We can see now how a majority of these profiles end up having one race in them and it is because of the administration of the site who can want these profiles to be like this.

Since Elena Solomon is the "chief administrator" and owner and creator of the site and the site is bigoted and shows favoritism to one race many, many times then if the site is like this then the owner and operator of the site is just the same-a bigot!

There are those who again will say that ladies who are from the region that Elena Solomon is from only want one race but firstly these are mostly men who do not know what is in the minds of every single woman who comes from the same area Elena Solomon is from!

Secondly those who will defend Elena Solomon and her site's ways are those with racial issues themselves!

Thirdly some will say that some men who are of other races do not want to share their stories but that is not correct but what is correct is that Elena Solomon set up her site to basically give these men a hard time at having any success at all so that one race gets to have the majority of the "success" on the site!

Fourthly the majority of these people who will defend Elena Solomon and her wrongs do not know her personally nor know what is in her mind or in the mind of her administration.

I have spoken to owners of sites who are in the same business that Elena Solomon is in and they tell me that enough of these women who are from the area Elena Solomon is in generally do not have racial issues that others claim that they have.

Elena Solomon may know of this but still want to be bigoted and show favor to the one race that gets the most focus in terms of what gets written in the race section on the profiles of ladies where such a section is of course set up by Elena Solomon and her administration.

And again if they operate this way they are all bigots again I say!

I write this report because I think its time that legal action be taken against Elena Solomon and her site and their wicked ways. I think its time someone bring them to court so that only then their ways of bigotry and yes indeed racism and racial scamming will come to an complete end!

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The Unknown

Nope: This has nothing to do with dissatisfaction of a customer. This has to do with the exposure of wrong. Last I checked wrong is still wrong and it deserves to be exposed!

:? what is the point of this persons rant? if there are racist issues going on where are they, what are they?

are you of color you rant about?

if i came upon this rant about person.

what i feel is that he paid for whatever she is selling did not get satisfaction therefore pull out race card. get over it.
The Unknown

Addendum: "If one does not know what they are speaking about then why comment" Is what I wanted to say above

The Unknown

If one does not what they are speaking about then why comment in the first place to begin with about something that one has no knowledge of

This report clearly demonstrates all that has been said and it is not an opinion shared by just one!

On 419legal.org one member named Michel says this about Elena Gold (also known as Elena Petrova or Elena Solomon) who makes an interesting point in his comments!


It was always good to know where Elena Petrova stood on race relations. Russian business lady, who created her millions in internet basically on ... web-sources like: elenasmodels.com site and womenrussia.com site, was a strict segregationist from head to toe, with no exception of her personal life"

This report is not about controlling anything but exposing a system and a source of that system from where it comes from


I did my utmost best to read your rant but, have no clue what your beef is. I know nothing of the site or person your ranting about.

If your upset for things that you see as racist then go away. Why torment yourself over things you cant control?

to Realist #1021355

It is about racism and prejudice-DUH. Thanks for posting this. You are to be commended for this highly.

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