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Recently Gina asked me to start a screening campaign for providers. I said OK extra security is great with your leak site starting. She told me I had to assk for a close-up picture of your ID a picture of your face holding your ID and a picture of your face your P411 provider number your escort name and the date.

I thought that was a little weird. So I asked told her that was a lot of information to be asking. Gina said she would get back to me the next day. Then she told me the girls could block out their name and addresses but the birthday and ID number had to be clear. I told her that if you had the birthday and drivers license number that LE could still track you down. She said thats not our concern.

Now I love working for Gina and I have for a while but I also love the P411 girls that I talk to on a daily basis. They depend on us for their income their rent their food and their family. So I asked Gina once again what was up. She just said its necessary and hung up.

So here I am and Ive been checking IDs comparing carefully emailing girls back and forth when Gina says the pictures arent good enough and then saving them exactly where I was told. Sometimes I cant believe that girls are giving up their personal info so quickly but they really trust Gina. Personal information of clients are also turned over to LE.

I just dont want any trouble for myself or for the girls. Gina is dealing with LE issues in the United States and will not ever set foot in the US. Its just not right that Gina is collecting names and IDs and handles just to get herself out of trouble. Im afraid she will give me up along with the ladies too.

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P411 is a scam. I don't know anyone who pays $99 and gets screening.

GINA, the owner, uses people's personal data then uses it open credit cards.

I found out she did that in my name. Yes.

Preferred411.com is a con and scam site.

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