Hired Mr. Dufresne to paint my condo and the paint job was very poor, and he got paint all over my woodwork.

When I contacted him to ask for my money back, he denied that he had gotten paint all over everything. He sent me an e-mail entitled "so called damage to your condo". I have never seen such poor workmanship, or a professional business owner that simply refuses to accept responsibility for his carelessness! Unbelievable!

I just do not want anyone else to be taken advantage of.

HE IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL. I have 84 pictures of the various items that were wrong with this paint job.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Londonderry, New Hampshire, United States #601091

Poor and sloppy workmanship. DO NOT HIRE unless you want paint all over your woodwork (which cannot be repaired without significant cost), failure to cover the walls with paint, paint splatter on all of your moldings and doors, paint on the cabinets, and carpets.

I have 84 pictures of the damage that he caused and they are available upon request. I will say that he did offer to "fix it" however given the egregious failure to act in good faith, or even provide workmanship that even would resemble a remotely professional paint job, I could not imagine letting this man back into my home. Further, upon request to return my money--he denied even doing it!! The following is his response: "I have no clue what this supposed damage to your condo is.

I used drop clothes and plastic off all surfaces. Any paint that got on your woodwork; I told you I could fix it, but you refused to let me. As far as you claiming that I caused damage to your condo; that is so false.

Like I said we used drop clothes and plastic to cover all surfaces; and did NOT get any paint on your carpets, handrails or counter tops." That is why I am posting the pictures because they don't lie. Beware of this contractor

Portland, Maine, United States #596474

I painted this condo yellow, green, red, lavender, and blue for the home owner. I did not paint anything WHITE!

The woodwork and doors were like new.

Now this place looks like a 3 year old painted. I would not hire this guy to do anything but maybe clean out my cat box!

to painter from 2005 #729001

so your the one that made a mess of the woodwork,she said she painted it her self the last time it was painted an offered to paint the woodwork that had paint all over it an she said no couldn't afford the cost

to Anonymous #732032

You are such a flipping crook it is not even funny. This painter and I did paint the condo in 2005 and we got NO paint on the woodwork.

In fact we did not paint any WHITE colors at all--all the damage was done BY YOU as evidenced by the multiple photos. Moreover, we did a much better job than you, as a so called professional.

You are a liar, and a horrible human being and I hope no other individual is CONNED by you. Good riddance!!

to Mel #1045025

the customer is always right. not much of a professional if you don't take care of your customer.

if the work was not preformed to the customer liking then fix the issue. if you can not resolve it then take it to a court and let them decide. there are lots of cons out there as well as shawdy workers that really don't have a clue what they are doing but think they do.

as well as a lot of people who try to screw people over just to get there money back. it goes both ways .

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