A Wilmington, NC man who told police that he was a seafood salesman was charged Wednesday with raping two girls from the ages of 6 and 7 into their teens.

Peter R. Mairs, 51, was charged in New Hanover County District Court with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to the complaint:

Pete Mairs of NC knew the sisters well and began abusing them when they were 6 and about 7. The girls, now in their teens, came forward about the abuse when a family member discovered a note one of the girls had written about the abuse.

Peter Mairs of Wilmington touched the girls inappropriately, kissed them and raped them, the charges said. The abuse occurred at his homes in Wilmington and Carolina Beach NC.

One of the girls told police that Mairs told her the devil was inside her and that he could remove the demons, the complaint said.

When police interviewed Pete Mairs in August he told them that he was a pastor. Peter Mairs denied the allegations.

"He then terminated the interview and stated, 'And I'm gone,' " the complaint said. "He stated, 'Get your warrants, do what you gotta do, no DNA, none of that.' He then left the interview stating, 'You weren't there, nobody was there!' "

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Sam Mairs wilmington nc and Pete Mairs Wilmington NC

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Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1316923

Mairsbwas a friend in college & married my room mate. He may have portrayed a few ozzy behaviors, but these are NOT actions this guy (even at his lowest) even fathom doing such.

This is outright slander & defamation of character. My son's an excellent attorney.

Mays Landing, New Jersey, United States #915406

I was a child of sexual abuse.All 4 of us were as children at the hands of my father. Causing my oldest sister to leave because she only saw 2 ways out.

Walking out on us or suicide ? I recently found her; AFTER 35 yrs of searching , wondering, waiting if it was something I did.I was the last one to see her the night she left!!! She was 13 and I was 5 I HOPE THE *** IS CONVICTED ,& GET THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE .

These children will be in need of yrs of counselling services. God bless them & plz don't give up on your self.


This guy sounds like a true pimp, if this man was so bad he was still better than yall because you guys are pissed off. This is a win for him i dont even know the weird lookin alleged chomo. peace.


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Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #787925

Jimmy Smith A.K.A. James Patrick Kenton is my ex-husband.

He created this and many other bogus blogs to try and defame my boyfriend Pete Mairs because he is angry and jealous. Pete Mairs has never been arrested or charged with any of these allegations and that can be discovered easily by checking with public records.

Mr. Kenton is a sociopath and is lashing out at me through attacks on the people that I love.

He is angry because he lost in court and is ordered by the court to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet when he visits with his children. He is a severe alcoholic and his children haven't seen him in over a year because he refused to quit drinking or to agree to the terms of visitation. He also has attacked my Brother Michael Tiedemann writing similar lies about him. Also he has created similar false stories about me and said that I am a *** and was arrested for such.

I have no criminal record in this county or any other county or state.

There are also multiple false allegations about my attorney James Lea of Wilmington NC.

Please report this and any other similar blogs to try and help us get it removed from the internet.

Thank you,

Maryellen Kenton

to Maryellen Kenton #1059457

What a whiny loser Maryellen Kenton is.

to Anonymous #1198494

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