I was looking for a corgi and my dad found a listing for $250 in Newfoundland which was too good to be true because corgis are never that cheap! I knew something was shady about this listing and today "GeorgeWendy Armstrong email" said everything I wanted to read. Then I get a text from supposedly "uship" what kind of company texts you?!? Things did not make any sense. Telling me to go to Western Union and listed places that I could make the transfer. One of them was at A1 Sports, I thought it had to be at Western Union?!? Also the transfer was to CAMEROON, zip 00237?!?!

I read reviews on here and thankfully confirmed my suspicions! I told them they were a scam and they wrote back "stop calling us a scam, we will SEW you" I told them, what are you going to SEW me? Pants? Please check your grammar. I told them I want the pup at my doorstep then I will pay. I even offered to pay them more! They texted me saying I need to pay first in order to get a crate and ID for the puppy. But in my email it already gave me confirmation number??? Nothing made any sense. Everything did not seem professional!

Don't believe anything they say. They will try to reassure you but it's all just a SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!

I hope my experience will help others!!

Here's the email they sent me. Please be careful!

all is set and done ( YOU CAN PHONE OR TEXT THECOMPANY NOW ) ON 07023029684 / 07055143052 PLEASE URGENT, THE DELIVERYDIRECTOR IS CALLED Mr. Jason Oliva and his numbers 07023029684 /07055143052, and great because we got a space with the premiumdelivery class which is excellent for baby and the baby will bedelivered to your doorstep tomorrow as we registered with the premiumdelivery, and i just paid an extra $70 for that class of delivery butthats no problem for me, so the couriers have given us the premiumclient code which is MC74763098 and the Premium Crate Number isK/A/C42/43 and the Delivery Code is AL.MOH9951/PER, so you need tophone them now and confirm your codes as they said they gonna send youan official confirmation email confirming full delivery details andarrival time and they will direct you how to transfer your payment,and remember the cost you need pay is $350 for delivery cost and PUP,Mr Jason Oliva said since its a doorstep premium delivery option, youwill be transferring the payment direct to their main head office inCameroon so that the premium ticket will be activated instantly andemailed to you ok.

This are the details you need to transfer the payment to, so you needto copy this details on a piece of paper and go to any WESTERN UNIONSTORE:




You will need a SECURITY Test Question and Answer . Use theinformation below as test question and answer

TEST QUESTION------------------------- YOUR BIRTHDAY?

TEST ANSWER--------------------------- TODAY.

then you go to any WESTERN UNION Store closest to your home such as .

SURREY CENTRAL PAAN & SNACKS Unit# 104 7928-128 Street Surrey, BC V3W 4E8

HM TAX & ACCOUTING12830 80th Ave Ste 207 Surrey, BC V3W 3A8

A1 SPORTS Unit11 12888-80 Avenue Surrey, BC V3W 3R8

when you get there, ask for the INTERNATIONAL MONEY SENDING FORM totransfer money via WESTERN UNION.

There you will be provided with an international money sending from,you will fill in the form with your details as the sender and alsofill in the couriers directors details shown above as the receiver ofthe money, and you hand over the form to them along with the money andthe money will be transferred and you shall be given a RECEIPT forwhich you need to phone the couriers and confirm to them and make sureyou keep the receipt, because upon arrival of the baby, you need togive the receipt to the van driver ok.

Also NOTE that when transferring money via WESTERN UNION, you need topay transfer charge for the money to be sent, and the WESTERN UNIONpeople might ask you why you are transferring money, because there isa company transfer option and also friend/family option, if theWESTERN UNION people knows that you are transferring on to a companythey gonna charge you about $300 extra, but if they know you are justsending to a friend of yours its gonna cost only $21.90 ok. So i wasadvised this.


Hope its clear but normally Mr James will explain all this to you.

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WOW YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I regret not finding this post sooner!

The same thing happened to me except it seemed SO real so I went along with it the first time I spent $200 to get the puppy sent to me. The second time I spent about $450 because "the puppy needed a license". And then I spent another $150 because the "crate wasn't safe". AND THEN they tell me the dog needs one more USDA license for $1,300!!

I looked up the email looked up animal flights and stuff and nothing matched. I kept asking for a name and number for the place the puppy was at and they kept ignoring me. They were very very pushy and rude. So after that I told them I spent way to much for this and I am not sending that much money and they gave me a sob story and have not contacted me since.

So now I'm very upset and my boyfriend is as well because we lost a lot of money. PS they gave me a number to the place and the people didn't pick up. So they told me to call again all of a sudden someone answers and he told me what I needed to know. Like how did he know what I was talking about and who I was ?!?!

That's when I knew something was up and put my foot down. Point is LISTEN TO THIS POST AND DO NOT SEND MONEY.

Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada #897517

if anyone asks you to pay through western union or money gram its probably a scammer.


...yeah, we were just texting with "Scott Matt" at 929-500-7073, with the hopes of getting us a bulldog :-P Our experience involves the following:

Bad English (not in itself indicative of a scam), with somewhat of a pushy attitude; frequent uses of "ASAP".

A Google search of the phone number comes up with several listings, under different names, in different areas; for example:



These may be gone soon enough, of course. All were posted over the last couple of days.

I did an image search, and the postings and email that he sent us contain different pictures, many of which can be found on other sites – I couldn't tell you if they are websites of legit breeders or not, but he told us that the puppies are 10 weeks old, and that, while he is not a breeder, they belonged to his wife – who died?! He has apparently relocated to Florida for work, and can't take care of them properly, under the circumstances. The transport service to be used was: http://dev.petairways.quimbik.com/ ...which ceased operations in 2013. The entire website, with its sketchy "development" address, seems to be copy-pasted from the original…?

No deal :-/ Since all the ads are recent, I hope my reply will allow others to compare their experience with this seller - or with others who make similar claims.

My advice? Google *every* possible detail -.-

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #822238

My boyfriend and I just had a similar issue, but instead of Western Union, they wanted me to buy something called ReloadIt packs and give them the codes for these things. They didn't give me a flight number or a departure airport, and when I asked for them, I was told if get them after payment and the flight was confirmed.

On top of that, the "owner" of the puppies kept pestering me for the codes, so he could take care of it, too!

Here are the phone numbers they contacted me with:

The owner (Scott Matt): 929-500-7073

Uship: 443-839-0187



Hi they are now using this number 07023029684 / 07055143052 selling horses in horsemart ref HM4183790 PALOMINOS

under the name of John moar

email address moarjohn5@gmail.com


I wish I would have read this earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just ripped off for $216 for the delivery of 2 black lab puppies. My kids are heart broken and my fiancé is devastated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for this! Nearly got scammed myself!

megancitidan@yahoo.co.uk email address is a scam! Exact same email!

So annoyed! I thought pedigree weimarnaers were too goo for £280!!

Carmel, Indiana, United States #693091

Yes. Absolute scam. Anyone with the name ATEAFAC BERNARD or email address jeofrychauser120@hotmail.com is a puppy scammer!

to Loren Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #693262

Also email georgewendyamstrong@gmail.com is a puppy scammer!

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