They took over my lap top !!!!Now after paying them 379.00 to get rid of a virus 1 yr ago ! suddenly my lap top started messing up I did not call them they called me They knew already they said they called to clean up my laptop How did they know it was acting up!!!!!

they informed me that my laptop was critical .Then they said they could fix it for a fee of 279.00!!! *** My laptop is only 2 years old.I am the only 1 to use my laptop !!!...Meantime my laptop is still Messing UP !!!!!!

Please beware of them. Better to contact the maufactures - Microsoft or their allies MS Technologies (mstech.ml), or Microsoft DCS.

Review about: Technical Support.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They got us also they put up a screen that blocked us from using are laptop till they fixed it for 245$ wow

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States #1312988

They called my 90 year old mother in law,kept her on phone for hours,taking remote control of computer and tricking her into giving credit card information.

Los Alamitos, California, United States #1311637

They just called me as well. The caller had decent english, and was generally helpful, and the caller ID was based out of Chicago, IL.

I wasted their time while I googled what he was having me do.

It was headed in the direction of a total scam. Told him that my computer was crashing, and I had to reboot first. Then he asked if he could call back.

So I blocked their number.

They said that their website was: http://mstech.ml/

For a fly by night scam, the website was halfway decent.

He wanted me to use "fastsupport.com" to give him access to my machine.

No one at Microsoft is ever going to call you up out of the blue to check on whether or not your computer is getting its updates. Hope this helps someone out there.

New York, New York, United States #1304049

Download Malwarebytes Chameleon, Anti-Rootkit and Anti-Malware to remove the *** that's causing your laptop to malfunction. It's free.

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