Angies List - Signed on a contractor from Angie's List that has taken $6500.00 and never did the job

Angies List is a big scam.....this was the first time using them and what they advertise is false. They state that they verify that all reviews are in fact legit and by real people.

Bull!!! The company that I happened to hire had several excellent reviews, 1 bad. Unfortunately i went with giving them the benefit of the doubt after meeting with the owner of the company. The bad review seems awfully similar to ours now that we are in the same situation.

Took our money pretended to start enough of the job and then the absolute run around taking $6500.00. Long story short it has been approximately 1 month now of hiring this company on to replace a existing paver patio with a new paver patio and fireplace. The company required 1/2 down $6500.00 at which we paid with cash. The job was to be totally completed with-in 6 days of signing the contract.

Its now been 4 months and nothing but lies and the project was never completed. In fact the following day of signing the contract the owner sent out 2 of his family members to remove our existing patio and stack it next to my house in my yard. You guessed it that is all that was done since then. Oh, and they TOOK a truck load of my existing pavers by personal truck with-in a few days after that.

Since then after really doing deep digging on the owner of this company everything on his Angie's List reviews turns out to be lies. The reviews that were multiple that were done happen to be done all with-in the time of becoming a paid business of Angie's List and a high rated company. Not only that they were done on the same house that seems to be a flip but under different categories. They are listed under different names also and same thing with reviews for all of them.

To top it all off the photos that are shown for this company were copied from someone else jobs. Not even his work. I tried to investigate with Angie's List and was told I need to pay to become a Gold Member in order to even speak with someone regarding this. REALLY!!!!

You advertise your site a safe place for consumers to come to that is backed by Angie Hicks or whoever the *** she is and I get robbed. Then you want to rob me again. Im not done with either of them. This family remodeling company is also listed under Home Advisor too.

I will be contacting them also.

That being said I am sure there are companies that are out there that are on the up and up. If I were those companies I would run from Angie's List as not to get a bad name.

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