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Dear Ones,

I caught James Forristal injecting himself with a needle of the prescription morphine he stole from me, Ms Hartman is to proud to let go of her ego when a non smoker ask her to not smoke in their presence; none of the below are drug clean. These are matters that people seeking treatment want to know about, so how do they have anything to do with the unrelated post attacking my character?

Psychedelic drugs are supposed to expand one's sympathetic nervous system. People answering this post not also want to assassinate my character they want to pick a fight.

How are these actions manifestations of people who have expanded their sympathetic nervous systems? They aren't, but as the cliche of antiquity reads, "you will know them by their fruits." Are these the fruits of persons who have expanded their sympathetic nervous systems?

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I was a paying ibogaine treatment patient under the care of Clare Wilkins, Sandi Hartman, and James Forristal, none of these people have licenses to practice medicine, Ms Wilkins did under the guise of having doctors on her staff. But she was the director and totally disregarded the doctor/patient codes of confidentiality, she also had sex relations with at least one patient that I'm aware of, a man 15 years younger than her named Glen Bain. Patients who came to her were sneered at behind their backs for issues they told staff. In an effort to impress me I was once told by Ms Wilkins that a fellow patient had sex 5 times a day, my jaw dropped when I heard that because I knew that was totally against the ethical and legal codes of doctor/patient confidentiality for her to go saying, and if she said that about someone else she would say confidential things I had told her too. Untold numbers of doctors quit her. I'm sure I'm not telling a fraction of her abuse.

Sandi Hartman constantly smoked and raged; I'm not even going to try to describe her because when I describe her actions they're just to strange to be believable. I was only at her place for 2 days and left because her intense rage was shocking, she had agreed to drive me to the border in the morning, knowing if one left after 7 am it would take 3 hours of sitting in the car before we reached the border, at 8:30 am I was forced to climb up and jump off a 14 foot locked gate in-order to depart because she wouldn't come and unlock it or drive me as agreed.

James Forristal does underground (illegal) ibogaine treatments in the US, I went to his parents house near Kansas City and he gave me the drug there. I was doing OK until after 8 days I caught him stealing some of the prescription morphine I had and injecting it with a needle. At first I decided to leave that day, he refunded a lot of my money, but I had a second thoughts because I was less than a week off heavy prescription opiates and I felt I needed the stability, so i gave back a lot of the money and we made up. But that all came crashing down about 4 weeks after when I received a very mean email message from him accusing me of ripping off a mutual friend, it was total contempt prior to investigation on his part, he had no way to verify his accusations, and he had been the one who lied and stole from me and I forgave him. Opiates are very hard to kick even with a stabilizing drug such as ibogaine, there's weeks and months of fatigue and depression, his accusations seriously crushed my frail stability: I forgave him which is an indirect way of saying I wanted to trust him, and I needed that relationship to stay stable, but when he came out with that matters went from bad to worse for me.

I would say ibogaine treatment is a very high risk for no other reason than most of the practitioners are former addicts, and even if they aren't using regularly they still have the lack of psychological boundaries that addicts get form being addicts. There's also the fact it's an illegal drug in the US which makes it difficult to talk about and receive support. Support is what recovering addicts need more than anything else.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Everything the first poster said was true


I'm very glad to know everyone feels good about the treatment available, I've not been involved with iboga in several years, but whatever I do with life I'm always finding ways to do it better and that's what I figure Clare and everyone else is doing too. About the only people who aren't improving for the better are the one's who accuse others of being that way The only thing constant in life is change. Whatever Clare and the others are doing today I'm sure it's better than what they did before, and that's all I need to know.


To the person who posted on Feb 2nd 2013... please don't complain about confidentiality issues to then reveal the name of a patient in the very same paragraph.


Being an opiate addict for 25 years, I have been seeking "the answer" to my addiction. So far, that answer has been 8mg of suboxone a day.

Not much of an answer. When I heard about ibogaine (I think it was on HBO) It sounded like it might be what I was looking for. No withdraws?? I don't see how taking ibogaine once could cure me of my withdraws.

They last for at least 30 days. 30 nights of sleeplessness due to restless legs syndrome, 3 weeks of chills and about 3 weeks of pain. I think the people who treat it as some miracle drug are totally full of ***. I am not saying that suboxone is the answer because it is clearly not.

I "need" it as badly as I needed the MScontin that I was taking.

Is there an answer? I don't think so.

to Michael F #1370603

I hate to tell you but I was on subs for 7 years and I was terrified to get off. I could never do it on my own so I finally took the plunge with ibogaine.

Ibogaine does work and it does help with withdrawals. Don't get me wrong it's NO picnic and you will STILL have withdrawals during treatment and for the month or so after treatment. But they are so so so reduced--- I could barely last 5 days when I tried to taper but ibogaine made it possible. And you WILL need other things with the ibogaine like benzos, muscle relaxers etc...

but you will not need them to the point where you will pick up a habit. Point is if your struggling and cannot get off, this treatment can help you. And it a will help wth cravings but again it will not help forever. You have to still want to be clean, like anything else, ibogaine is not a magic pill but it absolutely helps get through withdrawals, it helps with cravings and it also changes your perspective on many things.

I see things so differently these days--- it's WAY better than being on suboxone. Trust me if you get off subs you will see what I'm talking about. While on subs I didn't think they affected me but they did!! I feel so alive and so free without them.

I used to feel tired ALL THE TIME, a bit apathetic and a bit numb.

Well it was all subs bc I now no longer feel any of those things. I feel like myself again!!

to BeautifulDay #1370607

Oops I forgot to finish by saying that I have been clean and sober from suboxone and ibogaine for 5 years!!! Sobriety truly is the best drug in the world!!!

the thought of going back on suboxone makes me sick! Ugh. And coming off subs with ibogaine versus coming off methadone with ibogaine is much harder!! If you call and ask any clinic they will tell you suboxone is a dirty drug.

For example, if a person is on suboxone they cannot just come right off using ibogaine. Since subs are so so sticky in your receptors a person has to first go on morphine for at least 4 weeks before being able to then do ibogaine. The reason for this is as I told you, subs are sticky and they don't leave the receptors for a while, so if a person tried to use ibogaine it wouldn't work bc it wouldn't penetrate. So clients cannot travel to Mexico or another country on subs they have to be on morphine first.

Fortunately when I decided t do it my doctor worked with me and gave me a script for morphine that way I could transition and then by the time I got to treatment I was 5 weeks on morphine and off subs. Nowadays with the opiate crisis I don't think any doctors legally can write a script like this anymore, so a patient on subs would have to travel to Mexico, go on morphine for a few weeks (while there) then do ibogaine. Whereas if a person is on methadone they can fly DIRECTLY to treatment and only have to take ebay morphine for 4 days, then they can do ibogaine.

Ibogaine can penetrate much better after taking methadone than with suboxone. If you are interested call awakening in the dream house and talk to rocky, he's the best.

Taos, New Mexico, United States #833377

06/29/2014: This is also left by the originally person who posted. The only thing constant in life is change, and more often than not things are changing for the better.

I quit thinking about all this for long enough to have a refreshed perspective. Regarding Clare, I knew her the best of the 3 people I mentioned here. I’ve no doubt that my confidentiality was broken, nothing serious ever came of it, and for that reason it seems unlikely she ever did it maliciously. Over all, Clare strikes me as one who learns from her mistakes, makes the right changes and then moves on.

I also learned an important lesson from all this, which is regarding the practice of attorneys, doctors, psychotherapist and the like not socializing with their clients/patients.

At Clare’s Pangea clinic they didn’t do this, at first I found it refreshing to socialize with Clare, she smiled a lot and seemed to have a very upbeat disposition. Latter the social relationship didn’t work out well, and that’s when it became clear why these types of people have this practice of not socializing with patients: many patients need additional care and if a social relation went sour then they’ll never return for it. The fact that Clare and I had a falling out was demoralizing because I had liked her, this in its self-caused me to relapse.

At this time I’ve been clean from opiate dependency for 2 years, nothing derogatory about Clare intended, but if I ever needed additional care I should never return to her for it, in my opinion, because we’ve had a social relationship the caregiver/patient relationship is best to never happen again. Viewing life as an eternal journey - then for sure in some distant time we’ll meet again as friends, if not sooner, but her as my caregiver is forever over.


To Whom it may Concern,

This review was requested by the person who posted it to be removed, even after all PC.com's prerequisites were filled they refused deletion.

Above all James Forristal inflamed me like few others.

Supplement: after I caught him putting my prescription morphine up his arm with a needle he gave me back $2,000.00 and apologized say he got what he deserved, sort of honorable, but the next day I gave him the money back - forgave him. Then 3 weeks latter he's calling accusing me of ripping of some friend of his, based solely on non verified presumptuous data. He accused me of doing what he did to me (steal) and for which I forgave him, but he won't forgive, or even try to learn if his accusations are true. YOU'RE SICK JAMES! Nobody needs that kind of thing 5 weeks after kicking a heavy opiate habit. It would be considered ethically and legally wrong for anyone in the medical profession to ever do something like that to a patient - it could seriously mess them up and it would be grounds to be sued for malpractice. Unfortunately, you hurt yourself a thousand times more than you hurt me. Thank James for this post - if he hadn't been such a sicko it wouldn't have ever been posted.


I take it this Beau Mason isn't a reputable character in some circles. However, FYI the originator of this post wasn't Beau Mason, it was none other than myself, and I've never meet Dr Mason.

And until I got accuse of being he I had never heard of him. But if my post helps get rid of another corrupt caregiver then I'm all for it.

Probably the most mind blowing caregiver of them all was Sandi, she chain smokes like a chimney, I'm a non smoker and asked if she wouldn't smoke in my presence - she said no.

Even 6 moths later she told me it wouldn't be good to visit her because she'd still chain smoke in my presence. I can only surmise our interaction caught her off guard and unlucky, and she doesn't do that in the presence of everyone - her behavior still borders on insanity if you ask me.


Your motivations for doing this are quite twisted my friend.



I can tell you all this information in this complaint have been made up and twisted and far from the truth. Yes these people mentioned above are all real but are all human beings and make errors.

HOWEVER, the lies above have all been made bigger than they really are. ONLY JEFF ISRAEL and his goons know these people and would have the nerve to post things only to discredit others!



So you did ibogaine with claire?

then you did ibogaine with sandi?

then you did ibogaine with james?

I think we can all agree you are either

(A) you are a *** up *** fiend that doesn't give a rats *** about getting clean.

(B) you are Jeff Israel getting even with the people above for the simple fact they got rid of you?!?!?!

Your *** of the earth






to BULL*** COMPLAINT #646145

Since, I know who this is now, I think you should take this down. Or, yes, I will have to retaliate, and yes, I have a bigger impact media wise than you; and this is a fact.

to Anonymous #646148

Also, Beau Griffis is Not Beau Mason; you are confused. The two are both big time lead marketers, and you need to switch that name around.

to Anonymous San Jose, California, United States #969208

We're the best clinic then?

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