Mcdonalds - Beware of new coffee cups!

I find the same problem with these new cups! I have complained at four local McDonald's and they all say that their have been many people complaining. Still they hand me the SAME cups!

I have had them run right down the front if me, thank goodness it wasn't hot. One day unfortunately someone is going to get burnt. Also they leak from the bottom. Have to watch where yo sit them. They do not fit right in car cup holders. Too tight and when you try to pick it up the lid pops off.

I do have the coffee at my house, and it may come to the point of just making it at home and putting it into a mug to go.

I have never had a problem with the other cups and I hope they come back. May have to go back to Tim Horton's drive thru for coffee. I always thought their cups were cheap but they never leaked or the lid came off.


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On my way to Florida on have stopped in two States for McDonald's coffee. I am so disappointed! Not only did they change to cups burning my hands holding them, but the coffee taste like dirt!

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