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I have contacted Missy Castor in Batavia, Oh.She had great reviews so I sent an email regarding a Yorkie she had for sale.

We exchange emails in a fast response. When I questioned the puppy and my concerns of signing a contract and if I was obligated once the delivery was made, she immediately texted me back stating the puppy was sold during our emails overnight. I later sent a new email asking if the puppy in question earlier was available and she stated it was. I was a little concerned so I continued to ask questions and asked her even if i signed a contract prior to delievery and seeing the puppy in person would I be obligated since I signed the contract before delivery.

She informed me that if I need to see the puppy before purchase that I did not need the puppy. She told me that she would not be working with me snore and the delivery was off. I informed her that I felt if i was spending 600 dollars on a puppy I had the right to see the puppy first being being obligated and it want about seeing the puppy first, it was to cover myself and all obligations before agreeing to the contract and being able to not be obligated if it was not the puppy I inquired about. I still have never heard back from her .

If someone is paying 600 for a puppy over the internet I believe they have the right to be able to see the puppy before being obligated. Like I said, I told her i could come to her so it would not be of any inconvenience. She had yet to respond. I feel Missy was rude and if she is going to great people like that without being obligated to 600 is a scam to me.

She will not except phone calls and when i tried to contact her by phone it states she is not accepting phone calls. I feel this is a scam and for anyone not to value another for their hard work and money and not be given the opportunity to see the puppy and how they interact with each other and being obligated before seeing it is a scam and do not care about finding lovable homes for their pets but only care to receive the money at our cost.

Stay way!I feel Missy Castor is a scammer and very rude and not willing to work to make the transaction easy for it being done over the internet.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #942705

I too got taken by this woman.She is evil.

Sold me s sick puppy costing me those of dollars. When I contacted her regarding her guarantee she refused to reimburse me



If you want to talk with me about my experience call me.410-733-7454.

Denham Springs, Louisiana, United States #941580

Your not considered a good person or a good mom.Taking a look after delivery and then refusing it means you are unfit.

Any animal lover will be appalled at your lack of love and caring and would never sell to you.

to Animal lover #961770

No, any animal lover would want to make sure that she is getting a healthy well-bred puppy.Why would you pay for a puppy that you have never seen.

It is very clear that this person is not dealing with a reputable breeder. A good breeder is happy to answer any questions that a buyer has and is just as concerned with where the puppy is going as the buyer should be with where the puppy is coming from. The behavior the buyer described is typical of puppy mills and poor backyard breeding programs.

It is a sign that the breeder is not confident in the quality of the dogs that she is selling.

to True Animal Lover Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #1011565

I absolutely agree. This woman is scam artist and doesn't care about the puppies I know from personal experience. In fact she posts pictures of cute little puppies and then pulls a bait and switch on you unloading her sick and neglected puppy on you.

to Animal lover Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #1011561

You are ***. Buyer beware. I wish I would have refused it then I wouldn't have been scammed.

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