Purchased relaxed regular and it completely broke my hair all the way to the root I had it on less than 7 minutes. My hair used to be down my back literally more than ever fng pissed ! Now when I run my fingers thru it just handful of broken hair

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #947125

Wtf is that?A clump of hair?

Are those tracks?

Weave?I'm confused.

to flippette #1003086

Its a (large) handful/clump of her OWN hair that broke off at the root.Did u not read what she posted?

Seeing this really saddens me.

I have very long hair as well which is already naturally thin and fine and ive read so many reviews and seen tons of pictures of this happening to 1000's of people from using new products on the market such as Wen cleansing conditioner, Keranique shampoo/conditioner, other products containing keratin, relaxants, ect. I dont know what they're putting in this stuff to cause this to keep happening to so many people but it needs to stop.

Im terrified to try anything new on my hair for fear that it'll all fall out

I really hate that this happened to you.:(

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