Nancy seems to have a conspiracy theory about every negative post.I ordered pool paint and was told SS could match any Sherwin Williams color.

Great! Paint arrived, not the right color, not at all. I called Nancy in a bit of a tizzy (in my defense it was the wrong color and was quickly drying in my pool-I hoped it would dry down to something close to what I had ordered). Nancy's response was not at all helpful, she offered to send powder so I could try to correct the color myself(that's not why I asked her to color-match, so I could attempt to mix it myself) and she behaved as if I was making a personal attack on her character.

After a super-weird overly emotional interaction with her, I simply asked her to send the correct color out(even offering to return the incorrect paint at my expense). About an hour lady she emailed, saying there was "no way" to please me(yes there is: send the color I ordered) and she was cutting off all communication because I had been rude and disrespectful about her product. Her business wouldn't survive five minutes in Los Angeles, where in the high paced production world things have to get done, correctly, and if the customer doesn't get what they need you are done.

So now I have a pool partially painted in the wrong color.

Luckily she mentions some of her competition in her conspiracy rants, so hopefully someone else can help me out.I deal with all sorts of vendors as a designer and this is the weirdest most unfortunate interaction I have ever had.

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