My shopping experience went well. However my checkout process was horrible.

The gentleman at the register was rude would not put my laundry detergent in a plastic bag I was told that I would have to request the bag if I needed one. His attitude was the worst of Everseen. When I questioned him as far as if you are so unhappy with what you're doing why are you here. His response was for the money and he didn't give a heck about anything else.

I've then went to ask him what his managers name was and to my surprise he was the manager. I told him so this is the example that your employees have to go back to treat other customers. He said yes and is not a problem with it. His name is Rocky and he is from store number 12107.

The story gets worse when I called customer service to file a complaint I was told The district manager Denny would call me back within 48 hours. The incident took place 8-16- 2014. Denny did not contact me till 8-28-2014. He told me he would call me back within 48 hours .

It is now September 11, 2014 I have not heard from him. I called customer service today to find out what was going on.

I was then told the conversation I had with him on the 28th was not ever entered into the system or even logged in as ever happening.

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