I had my car in for an oil change. Now almost 2 months later my car was hesitating and bucking.

I asked a friend to check my transmission fluid and when we opened the hood of the car the parts for my air filter were laying on top of my engine. Apparently the technician removed my air filter, but then never put a new one in and the dipstck for the oil was never pushed back down. I drove my car for a couple of months like this not knowing that anything was out of place til my car started acting weird. I brought my car to the dealership, showed a picture of what it looked like and explained the issue and the answer that i got was "i cant be sure that it was one of my technicians that did this".

I was livid. I never open the hood of my car. She offered to hav my wIt for 2 hours (because they were sort handed) and that it would cost me $24.95 fir the air filter. I had to argue that i did no remove the air filter, they did, so they should have replaced it.

I told her that i did not have an appointment or time to wait for 2 hours. She was a little snotty and said she couldnt pull any of her workers from there jobs to put a filter in (although she said that she could do it herself). After arguing for a while, she finally took my car in and had one of the technicians replace it at no charge. Very rude and unprofessional.

Made me wonder if they actually ever changed my oil!

I had buyers remorse almost immediately after i bought this car. Would not reccommend them to anyone!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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