the nurses out at that handcock park are just not trying to do their jobs when told bye their administrator. if the client is not going to die within the 6months of treatment.

the nurses will assist the patient in dying as well as rush the processes all because of their job and only for money not for a person well being and this is why i am writing this review to let the public know that their are nurses in the work places that do as they are told not as the charts state for the person in the home. thanks for letting vent out in the public. the Administrator of the building just wanting to be a plum butt in the air. to spelling it out but not to be rude and he was the rudest person ever born as well as the patient and their on the side of my worst and the administror needs to watch out for his people in the nursing home on day their going to gang on him cause his not to bright to interfering in family business as husband and wife not daughter and husband just as well as daughter needs to be in her business area only not in husband and wife affairs.

sending her daddy money to other who are not in the family as if she needs her *** well kick and that for the records and the administrator needs to mind his business and my husbands funds are not his as well as the hospice people also.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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NUMBER one WTF are you rambling on about.You make no sense at all.ALL i can see is you being upset about some money,That's not your's in the first place.Get off this post and GET learn some sense PLEASE.RETART.


Your post makes absolutely no sense. Did you by any chance get fired from the place? The way you are rambling on, makes it sound like you are just making wild accusations.

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