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They obtained my cell phone numbers and called about a debt that was not mine. Vary rude and vague about who they are and what they wanted.

They had the wrong person but still called repeatedly. When I asked they would not tell me how they got my PRIVATE cell phone numbers. Very rude and when asked questions hurried up and said that this call is being recorded for training purposes and hung up.

I had to ask more than once what company they worked for and at first would only identify themselves as "Sam". I plan on following up with local law inforcement to see how ligit they are.

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go and get your cell# changed.Hassle,but,then they can't harass you.And do get the cops involved.Give them a taste of thier own medicine.Most collection (MOST)are prolific Punks.*** at best.Never put up with thier garbage,Never.

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