I've been reading so many bad reviews & if U R looking 4 product that heals UR skin 2 look younger that way,yes, U will B disapointed. BUT,as a make-up artist & someone that needs 2 look flawless herself 4 her clients,it is a gem!!!!

When they say use a pea size...use a pea size! I seriously only need a smig of the product & lightly blend over 3in. of area. If U C white...U used love! This stuff does make my clients look 10yrs. younger!! I have 35-40yr. olds looking like they R in their 20's still!

When applying make-up over it..U need to pat! Pat away girl! B patient & gentle with your face! Place the cover up or foundation on the area, leave it and then pat it in!! never rub! That is the key 2 this.

I personally LOVE this stuff 4 looking GREAT 4 the day! As 4 me wanting 2 keep my skin in great condition, I go 2 my facialist sweeties..& take vitamins. ;D

Give it a shot girls...remember..smig, per 3in. & pat, neeeever rub!

Much love,

Bluu Williams

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