actually, 5.2 trillion UK debt

bring on the crunch camron, it's not your fault the UK is in such debt, but now it's your fault you are crushing down on the UK's debt, how naive from the British public, and the loose leashes the UK governments to have the uk very under educated public to be of the UK. I think it's only fair that the British public is made accountable for it's spending habits and it's lack of accountability with regards to spending money when they did not have it, also again the banks must be accountable for this large amount of deficit. again the banks and there chef chairmen should also be accountable for this too. this is the only way the UK will get back in to the world playing market, you will be seen to be the worst prime minister in the history of the UK, but if you do it well, you will be seen to be the best prime minister in the UK 10 years later from your service, in the history of the UK " if you do it right".

EX- british resident, age 27, chris

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