I made a payment in May for April and May's payment. I clearly indicated on the payment what the payment was for.

They posted the total amount to May then called and said I was last for June's payment and charged me $67.00 late fee. I make payments on line to make sure they are paid on time because of this and they still continue to post the payments incorrectly and charge a late fee to me monthly. I keep my statements and print them when I pay online and when I call and try to explain, they payment center is India and they do not understand whay you are trying to explain to them and keep saying to me "you want to make payment, yes?" I have asked to talk to a supervisor many times and they don't understand that either. Now they continually harrass me at work and at home.

They call my home on an average of 10 times per day! This is the worse company I have ever dealth when it comes to making payments.

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