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For the second time, I had this happen to me...they called me forever (a yr) after I left to renew...I have a $172.?? credit that was built up from last time...getting paid once a month, that was my set up..last time I had someone argue with me, so I just said come and get it...well, today I went in, found what I wanted, had a very nice young lady answer all my questions..so when I came back, the young man that took care of me said I couldn't do what she said we could do......

I asked not to be called again, because for some reason, when I have a deal made, then it is really NOT !!!!!

You just lost a good costomer.....and for no real reason..... how frustrating, but bad business also!!

PS as a lady, I don't want to say pissed....what a horriable word, a company should say unhappy or ?????

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I'm fairly certain that no one has a freaking clue what in the h@ll you're talking about!!

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