I am an OLD lady and enjoy watching your variety of commercials on my TV.

During the Christmas holidays a few of your ads stated that you had everything for everybody in your stores. Well, I kept waiting for you to show me toys that children would like and you never did.

My idea is to manufacture Doll Houses with garages for little girls and boys that can be furnished with the exact duplicates of the furniture that you sell to their parents. Garages so that the litle boys can play with ca

rs and trucks and lawn mowers and everything that moves. The little girls will be playing with arranging the furniture differently every day and also taking the variety of dolls; Mom, Dad, sister, brother, grandma to different activities.

I am not aware of how you price furniture, but I do think that it would be a wonderful offer to GIVE the customer a dollhouse with at least one room of furniture. Say the set that the customer is buying - you give the miniature free. You can actually lose the cost of the doll house and miniature furniture in the cost of the full size set.

the customer does not have to be aware of that fact. You can also sell the doll houses and miniature furniture separately.

Do hope you follow-up on this idea. Christmas is around the corner.

Ruth Kraus

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