Went to HD on El Toro Rd in Lake Forest CA, about 9am to get wood and cinder blocks for a project. When we walked in noticed there where 6 empty trucks parked in pick-up area no driver in site.

Asked an employee about this we wanted to be able to pull up to load when we where ready. Was told this is contractor parking. When we left there was now 7 trucks there some still there from earlier. Had to push our load out to the parking lot to load.

On the out side of the building in big letters is CONTRACTOR PICK-UP, on the inside of the area there are signs that say loading area.

Had to go back later in the afternoon to get something else, there where 3 trucks parked there and watched a guy pull up in a Mazada 3 car pull and park and walked over to the entrance to return something. So can anyone just pull up and park there in the shade while they are shopping????

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